Hua Hin Tourist Information

Hua Hin

Hua Hin (HuaHin), the in-beach town for Bangkok's elite is on the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand, 170km south of Bangkok, lying astride the southern Highway 4 from km 224 to km 245.

The town has two main streets. For those who arrive on the train, the main street, Damnernkasem boulevard leads from the stately Hua Hin railway station straight to the main Hua Hin beach, a distance of of 1km, passing various goverment offices and ending on the beach front by the side of the former Royal Railway Hotel, now the five-star Sofitel Central Hotel.

Another main street is the southern Petchkasem Highway, which passes through the town, on both sides of which are the markets, main shops and restaurants. However, the deluxe hotels and condos are out on the beach front.

On weekdays, Hua Hin leads a normal life as an ordinary upcountry town. Come weekends, the curbs outside restaurants on the main streets are lined with thoroughbred machines, the like of Mercedes, BMW, Jaguars as the villa and condo dwelllers come out for their meals. After meal time, the town is back to normal again.

By and large, Hua Hin does not have brassy beer bars and racy nightlife as on the other side of the Gulf. The superior beaches, wide open endless stretches of fine powdery white sand, are relatively uncrowded and clean, the pace of life calm and relaxing, an ideal place to bring the family for their annual holiday.

Hua Hin is more popular as ever with Thais and foreign families. Hua Hin has many five star hotels and more five star hotels are settling in Royal Hua Hin. Hua Hin has many attractions for the tourists.